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File Service System Update

26 November, 2019

5 steps of File Upload now Only in 3 Steps! New simplified file uploading, buying and downloading.   The file service system update features:     Automatic file processing. Manual processing may be required because of a special ECU type or if the system isn’t able of processing the file automatically.           New button “Buy credits now“. If you don’t have enough credits in your account, you can buy them at…

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PcodeFiles App launching

07 March, 2019

We are launching our new application, the PcodeFiles App. The Pcode Files App makes file tuning easier for you! The app has a simple and smart interface and is easy to use for everyone. Evidently, the PcodeFiles App offers numerous facilities and new possibilities to its users! You can check the standard opportunities of your car. Even more, now you can instantly see the results! After inserting all the general data about your car, truck, motorbike,…

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update site pcodefiles

Features in new update

04 December, 2018

Updates on our site: New interface Support of new files USA trucks with Detroit Engine. Standard and ECO tuning Automatic file processing

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New Dyno Graph Style

14 November, 2016

We are proud to share with you our new Style of Dyno graph! You can easily find information about stock HP and NM and new important feature is that you can also see max difference power not only the top values!

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