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Choose the package that suits you best.


1.Upload file

All you have to do is to upload the file and select all the information about your car (type, make, model, ECU) .

* If you also have an ACM file, you MUST upload it to the ACM box!

 2.ECU Select

For truck files with Detroit engine to be detected it must be select or typed manuaлly DDEC ECU by choosing “Other”.

3.File Processing

The file will be processed automatically by the system.

After that file is uploaded, the system will check your file to define the way it could be modified. So at this step, you need to wait, because it could take a few seconds.

*If you don’t have enough credits on your account, you can buy some at the same step of uploading, by clicking the button “Buy Credits Now”:

4.Choose your parameters

(Tuning type, Options, DTC codes).

DTC codes options:

  • To delete all DTC codes, use “????”.

  • Type “?” at the end of to cover all range of codes. For example: typing “0400?” you cover all codes from 0400 to 0409.

5.Send your file.

You can choose the option receive a call when file is ready before sending your file!

If you choose this option, you MUST enter your phone number as following: plus “+”, country code ex: “1” , your phone number ex: “111-111-1111”.

You can’t use “00” (zero zero) before your country code instead of “+” !!! If you use “00” , you won’t receive the call!

6.Download your ready file!

You can download the modified file as well as the original one.

*You can return to this page and add extra DTC codes for free in files that were modified automatically and download them again.