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How to use correctly our File Service?

1. Upload File

You can go to our File Service page directly from the home page by pressing the button “Upload file”.

You can also find our File Service page in the side menu “My File Service” in your account.

2. Choose your file

Choose your file or drag it to the file upload box .

If you also have an ACM file, you must upload it to the ACM box.

3. Enter the required information about your vehicle

Type, Make, Model and ECU type.



4. File check

The system will check if the file can be processed automatically, or manual processing is required.

5. File Processing

Manual file processing:

You must complete the required information about your car. Also, you can choose additional tuning options, add extra information regarding you car, upload an image or add a comment if necessary.

Automatic file processing:

Some ECU types can be processed automatically by the system. In this case you don’t have to complete the car information yourself, the only thing you have to do is to choose your tuning options and parameters.

6. Send your file

Before sending your file you should agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and no refund policy.

Also you can choose the option to receive a call when file is ready. You must enter you phone number as following: “+” , country code ex: “1” , your phone number ex: “111-111-1111”.

You can’t use “00” instead of “+”, otherwise the call won’t be sent!

7. Download Files

On the “Download Files” page you can track all your orders and get your ready files. You can search for a specific order by the brand, model and type of the vehicle or by the id of that order. You can download your ready files as well as the original ones.

You can go to the “Download Files” page directly from the home page of the site.

Also, you can go to the “Download Files” page through the side menu “File Service” in your account.

8. Edit your orders

You can add extra DTC codes to your files for free even after they have already been modified.

*This feature is available only if your files have been processed automatically by the system.