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Chiptuning for cars

Modern car engines are electronically controlled. This allows you to change the settings of the power unit without interfering with the design. Chip tuning is the easiest and the most affordable way to increase the power by modifying software settings.

This procedure can also reduce fuel consumption, increase traction and make other useful changes.

To check the standard possibilities of your car, you can use the PCodeFiles mobile application, which is publicly accessible.

How can the force of the power unit be increased?

Every motor has a so-called margin of safety: the real power of the internal combustion engine is always greater than that allowed by the standard settings of the computer. Often manufacturers limit power on purpose in budget models. Chip tuning, on the other hand, allows you to use hidden reserves.

One more reason for using the motor not at full strength is ecology. Many countries strictly control the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Limiting the ECU is a simple way to reduce them!

In some countries, cars with forceful powertrains are subject to high taxes. For this reason, manufacturers limit power through software. This is easier and cheaper than developing a new ICE model with the required parameters. Removing the restrictions, you can enjoy the speed and power.

Benefits of chip tuning

Chip tuning is the fastest and most affordable way to improve the performance of your vehicle. There is no need to make costly changes to the design of the motor, purchase expensive spare parts.

Modifying the settings of the engine control unit is indeed fast. There is no need to leave the car in the service for an entire week. With  just 1 day, you can significantly upgrade the potential of your vehicle.

Working with the software opens up numerous possibilities for the personalization of your car. You can choose the settings that are suitable for a particular driver, taking into account his needs and driving style. In addition, you can always reset all options to factory settings.

The best result of working with the firmware can be achieved on supercharged or atmospheric engines with a volume of 3 liters or more.

If you want to achieve an increase in power of the order of + 50-100%, working with the software is combined with the replacement of individual elements, for example, the exhaust system, intake, intercooler.

Chip tuning allows you to modify the following parameters:

  • ignition time;
  • injection parameters;
  • the amount of air in the fuel mixture;
  • exhaust performance.

You can also remove the speed limits set by the manufacturer.

If you use the PCodeFiles service, you will be able to keep track of all the changes that have been made. Moreover, PCodeFiles allows you to compare standard options with the result obtained after making changes.

Chip tuning tools

Specialized tools are used to modify the parameters of the power unit. Do not try to change the settings of the control unit yourself, this can lead to a deterioration in dynamic performance or a complete failure of the vehicle. You can use PCodeFiles to read the parameters, but don’t experiment with software for firmware changing.

The most popular tools that allow a high quality fine-tuning of electronics: Alientech, CMD, WinOLS.

Alientech is one of the world leaders in the production of equipment and software for engine control unit tuning and automatic transmission calibration.

CMD is a universal tool which is compatible with various car brands. This software and hardware complex allows not only to modify settings, but also to find and correct errors.

The WinOLS firmware editor is a professional software for calibrating motors of different brands of cars.

If you want to improve your car – chip tuning is the best choice. Have trust only in specialists using professional equipment and software for this procedure.