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Connection Basic Kit


Connection Basic Kit

Replacement Kit with Boards and wire in the basic kit

The set contains the following items:

  1. [144300T100] – 2x Ribbon Cable IDC26-10
  2. [144300T101] – 2x Ribbon Cable IDC26-14
  3. [144300T102] – 2x Ribbon Cable IDC26-16
  4. [144300T103] – 2x Ribbon Cable IDC26-26
  5. [144300T104] – 2x Rainbow Ribbon Cable IDC26-10
  6. [144300T105] – 2x Rainbow Ribbon Cable IDC26-16
  7. [144300T106] – 2x Rainbow Ribbon Cable IDC26-26
  8. [AF3401001] – 2x Male pin Header (2.54 mm) and 10x Female pin Header (2.54 mm)